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Specific buy & sell recommendations

CP Alerts with specific recommendations on buying or selling corn/soybeans/wheat. Every alert includes an explanation of what we recommend, and more importantly, WHY we are recommending it.

daily market updates

Let us sort through the information overload of news wires and headlines. We will tell you the important parts and leave out all the noise. Don’t let “analysis paralysis” keep you from making smart business decisions!


lifetime price guarantee

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Stop “Shoot From the Hip” Marketing

Let’s face it, most farmers don’t have a defined strategy for when to make sales. Stop farming for break-even. We combine data-driven analysis of both technical & fundamental factors with know-how of industry experts to identify profit maximizing opportunities.

Full Transparency

Our guidance is driven by objective market factors to aid in buying and selling decisions. We don’t blindly follow any one system or indicator, we pair it with years of experience in technical and fundamental analysis to help you make smarter marketing decisions. Every recommendation will include an explanation of what is behind the advice. We maintain an updated track record, including every hit or miss we make.

Our Services

Crop Profit Subscription

Our monthly subscription service provides recommendations on cash grain sales and hedging as well as daily market updates using a variety of methods to make it easy on our busy customers.


Daily Email + Audio: A morning commentary on the grain markets delivered to your email. Short on time? Play the audio version for a quick listen so you can stay informed on the go.

Text Updates & Alerts: The audio commentary is also texted daily for easy listening from your phone. All alerts, important news, and/or grain market guidance are also send via text.

Mobile+Desktop Apps: Coming Soon!

One-on-one Consulting

Consulting takes the monthly subscription to the next level. You work with an experienced grain market consultant to develop a sales plan specific to your operations goals and needs.


Direct Contact With Consultant: Call/text/email your consultant with any questions. They are likely the cheapest employee on your farm!

Specific Cash Market Advice: Our focus is on hitting your forward sales and profit targets. Guidance on basis contracts, HTA’s, hedges, are all tied to your plan.

CP Sales Plan: Work with your consultant to develop a plan based on your cash flow, profit margin, and storage needs. Your consultant will help you stick to the plan and make adjustments as needed.

Hedging Recommendations: Tied to your operation, sales plan, and goals.

Consulting plan pricing is 3 cents/bu with a minimum of $500/mo or $5,000 if paid annually.

Cash Grain & Virtual Elevator Solutions

Coming Soon!

Let Crop Profit be your digital merchandiser. Enroll bushels in programs just like your local elevator offers:

  • Min/Max Contracts
  • Accumulators
  • Managed Bushel Pricing Programs
  • & More

Why use a virtual elevator?


  • Competitive pricing & fees
  • Deliver to any participating elevator/processor/plant/mill
  • Opportunity to leverage all Crop Profit’s bushels under management to negotiate better basis

 Are you overpaying for some “analyst’s” email?

The truth is, no one really knows where grain prices are heading. We don’t pretend to know the future. We utilize a variety of technical and fundamental factors + years of experience in the industry to do the best we can to help make SMART decisions based on what we know in the moment.

This service is priced where it is because we believe a one-size-fits -all service shouldn’t cost more than a nice pair of boots at the end of the year.


Most businesses would see profitable prices for their products or inputs and lock as many years in as possible. Farmers tend to get hung up on the “what ifs”, fear of missing out, and what happened last year (or years). Our goal is to change that. Every single decision you make is ultimately yours to make, but our recommendations will be driven by risk management and profitability FIRST. Emotions, forecasts, headlines, analysts opinions, etc. all come behind that principle when we issue guidance.

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